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IRIS English Mastery Class Experience

It takes real people's feedback to gauge the real effectiveness of a service. In our case, one of our students wrote her experience with IRIS. 

By: 恵理花 (Eri)

It was December 2016 when I started browsing the internet for the nearest IELTS Review Center from Camp Aguinaldo. A few months ago, I received a study and work offer from my aunt and uncle who both resides in Canada and passing the IELTS Exam is the number one requirement. When I stumbled upon the website of IRIS, I immediately checked all the details on their website. I contacted them through facebook and received an instant reply. However, since I have been studying Japanese Language since January 2016, I found myself torn between my passion and the opportunity to study in Canada. In the end, I chose the former because Language learning is something that I enjoy a lot these days.

I decided to enroll in English Mastery Class due to the previous hardships I encountered in my previous job. Writing is one of the activities (or hobbies) that I really like doing. I have been writing since high school. I have journals, collection of words and blog (which I accidentally deleted last year). However, my writing style is definitely not appropriate for corporate world. Thus, I found myself on the verge of frustration. After filing my resignation, I immediately enroll to IRIS. The center offers free assessment to identify ones areas to be improved. In my case, I requested to focus on writing since I thought that it was my weakest area. The personnel whom I deal with was very attentive and considerate and on August 1, 2017, my first class officially started.

Ms. Lois, my instructor, discussed basic English grammar rules and patterns during the first day, which served as my review to refresh my general knowledge. The frequent classroom activities and exercises allowed me to practice the theories discussed in class. It is probably considered as time-consuming and tiresome, but I believe that it is imperative to constantly practice new knowledge to familiarize oneself and to emboss these lessons on one’s memory. In addition, note taking, letter writing and essay writing were also very well discussed and I know that these will absolutely guide me on next job. Another lesson that sparked my interest was Creative Writing. As a bookworm, refreshing myself about the processes involve in writing creative literary pieces made me realized the tedious job writers undergo in order to produce reading materials.

As for the instructors, I am grateful to Ms. Lois for always answering my questions. All lessons have been deliberately discussed. She also gave me immediate help on lessons I found difficult to put into practice. All I have to do now is to constantly practice the things I learned from her class.

On the whole, I will definitely recommend IRIS for those who want to improve their English skills, as well as to those who want to pass their IELTS exam. IRIS will be my first choice if ever I will take the latter in the future. Finally, I want to express my deepest gratitude to IRIS, its instructors and staff for allowing me to have a pleasant experience while studying in the center.

Credits to ERI


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